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Beyond just a service offer

We are passionate about all things energy. Especially when we can make systems more efficient and sustainable. Our expertise goes back decades and was cultivated in the critical infrastructure protection domain.

Solar PV Systems

Our standards for customer satisfaction

1. Quality of Solar Panels: We use high-quality solar panels that are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

2. Professional Installation: Solarsenal teams of professionals are trained and experienced in installing solar panels. The installation process is transparent, with no surprises, with full compliance to safety and efficiency standards.

  • Initial remote assessment
  • On-site assessment in person
  • Designing the PV system
  • Preparing a quote
  • Communication & paperwork with local power company
  • Financing options
  • Application for local, state, and federal subsidies
  • Quick installation
  • Attentive support

No need to spend your time in the customer service offices or call waiting lines of your bank or electricity supplier.

3. Energy Efficiency: We highlight the benefits of solar energy and how it can help customers save money on energy bills. We provide our customers with estimated savings and return on investment calculations.

4. Warranty: Solarsenal provides customers with a comprehensive warranty on the solar panels and installation. The terms of the warranty and the process for making a claim are clear and uncomplicated.

5. Financing Options: We offer financing options that are easy to understand and accessible. We explain the financing terms and how they can help customers afford solar panel installation.

6. Customer Service: Our pledge is to provide excellent customer service throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the final installation. We are responsive to customer questions and concerns, and provide ongoing support after the installation.

Our services are available for both industrial and residential applications.

Peace of mind: Our PV systems are guaranteed

Solarsenal offers several types of warranty packages to customers to ensure that the solar panel systems are covered in the event of any issues or defects. 

1. Equipment Warranty: This type of warranty covers the solar panels and other equipment, such as inverters and batteries. The warranty usually covers defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period, usually 10-25 years.

2. Performance Guarantee: This type of warranty guarantees that the solar panels will perform at a certain level for a specified period. If the panels do not meet the guaranteed performance level, Solarsenal will repair or replace them.

3. Installation Warranty: Covers any issues related to the installation process. It usually covers defects in workmanship and installation errors for a specified period, typically 1-5 years.

4. Monitoring Warranty: Solarsenal offers a monitoring warranty that covers the monitoring system used to track the performance of the PV system. This type of warranty ensures that any issues with the monitoring system will be repaired or replaced promptly.

5. Production Warranty: This type of warranty guarantees that the solar panels will produce a certain amount of electricity over a specified period. If the panels do not produce the guaranteed amount of electricity, Solarsenal will repair or replace them.

We have a long-term perspective at Solarsenal, we work not only with highly qualified professionals, but also with the best brands chosen because of their reliable performance and operational resilience. 

Wind Power Systems

Vertical-axis wind turbines

The technology behind vertical-axis wind turbine systems is becoming more and more efficient, making them more popular. This extremely low-noise (silent), environmentally friendly, cost-effective, high-capacity, long-life wind turbine family requires very low maintenance, is capable of generating electric power starting from a very low wind speed and works safely even in stormy winds.

Vertical axis wind turbines are capable of harnessing more pro-rata energy from the wind than traditional wind turbines, take up less space than solar panels, and can produce energy even at night, as long as the wind is blowing. This is the reason they complement PV systems very well, having the largest impact when paired with resilient DC-coupled SMARTESTORAGE batteries. 

Fields of application

    • May be mounted on rooftops, towers, or in a network to form a wind farm
    • As self-standing power generation sources for family houses or townhouses, condominiums in residential developments
    • Power generation equipment for businesses, workshops
    • To meet the power needs of isolated industrial or agricultural production facilities with no infrastructure
    • Mobile power generating equipment for military or disaster management deployments
    • Power generation for yachts, ships and maritime facilities

General description

    • Independent power supply for families and businesses
    • Power generation starts at a low wind speeds of 0.5 m/s (1.8 km/h = 1.12 mph) and is guaranteed even at a stormy wind speed of 50 m/s (180 km/h = 112 mph)
    • Wide product range tailored to individual needs, from 5 to 50 kW
    • 30-year planned service life
    • Unique value for money
    • Quick return on investment
    • Innovative, vertical axis technology
    • Silent operation and attractive design in both natural and urban surroundings.
    • Minimal environmental impact, no CO2 emissions
    • Installation adapted to the environmental conditions (on tower or roof)



SMARTESTORAGE™ energy storage solutions range from utility-scale through commercial, to home & outdoor use.

The versatile and resilient Energy Storage System (ESS) charges the battery modules during off-peak hours when power is the least expensive. The powerful premium battery cells have a long life span and can be discharged quickly to provide short-term, high energy output to the business, the home or the grid. Any excess power from wind generation, rooftop solar panels that isn’t immediately consumed can be stored for later use or, in case of net metering, sold back to the utility.

SMARTESTORAGE™ allows operation at very high temperatures (up to 85°C = 185°F), which makes it resilient, no need for liquid cooling or air conditioning. It is not necessary to follow a complete charge and discharge cycle, these batteries can be stored at a fully charged state for weeks (or years) with virtually no self-discharge.

Consulting Services

Measure Twice Cut Once

Energy Assessment

Solarsenal consultants assess the energy requirements and consumption patterns of the facility to understand specific needs and identify opportunities for renewable energy integration. This involves analyzing existing energy systems, conducting energy audits, and evaluating potential renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, or biomass.

Feasibility Analysis

We evaluate the feasibility of renewable energy solutions by considering factors such as site conditions, available resources, regulatory requirements, financial viability, and potential return on investment. We analyze the technical and economic viability of various renewable energy options and provide recommendations based on the client’s goals and constraints.

Solution Design and Integration

Solarsenal consultants assist in designing customized renewable energy systems tailored to the client’s requirements. This includes selecting appropriate technologies, sizing the renewable energy system, and determining the optimal integration strategy. We also advise on energy storage solutions, grid connectivity, and backup systems to ensure reliable and efficient energy supply.

Financial Analysis and Funding

Consultants help clients evaluate the financial implications of adopting renewable energy solutions. We analyze costs, potential savings, and available incentives or government programs to support renewable energy investments. We can assist in developing financial models, estimating payback periods, and identifying funding options such as grants, loans, or power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Regulatory Compliance

Solarsenal’s Renewable Energy Consultants stay up-to-date with relevant regulations, permits, and certifications related to renewable energy implementation. We guide clients through the process of obtaining necessary approvals and ensure compliance with local, regional, and national energy policies, environmental standards, and building codes.

Project Management

We support the implementation of renewable energy projects by overseeing project management activities. Solarsenal coordinates with contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders to ensure smooth execution, timely delivery, and quality control throughout the installation and commissioning phases.

Monitoring and Optimization

Solarsenal offers monitoring and optimization services to track the performance of renewable energy systems, identify inefficiencies, and recommend improvements. We help clients integrate energy management systems, remote monitoring tools, or data analytics to optimize energy consumption, maximize renewable energy utilization, and minimize operational costs.


Solar & Storage Combined

Solarsenal’s solar and energy storage integrated solution for commercial projects provides a clean, reliable, and cost-effective source of energy for the site’s or building’s electricity needs, while reducing dependence on grid electricity as well as the carbon footprint.

1. Solar PV System: A solar photovoltaic (PV) system is installed on the commercial building’s rooftop or ground-mounted on nearby land. The system consists of solar panels, mounting racks, and inverters to convert the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity that can be used by the facility.

2. Energy Storage System: The SMARTESTORAGE energy storage system (ESS) is installed to store excess solar energy produced during the day for use when the sun is not shining, such as at night or during peak demand periods. The ESS consists of lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries, an inverter, and a battery management system (BMS).

3. Power Electronics: Power electronics are used to manage the flow of electricity between the solar PV system, energy storage system, and the building’s electrical grid. This includes inverters, charge controllers, and other control systems.

4. Monitoring and Control Systems: Monitoring and control systems are used to manage and optimize the solar and energy storage system’s performance. These systems monitor the solar PV system’s output, energy storage system’s state of charge, and building’s energy demand.

5. Installation and Maintenance: Installation and maintenance services are provided by Solarsenal to ensure the system’s safe and efficient operation. This includes site analysis, system design, installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance.